Our Lay Directors are prayerfully putting together teams for the upcoming boys' and girls' weekends this winter. We will post team members and registered caterpillars here as updates become available.


Please pray for our next flight of butterflies and for the team members that will serve them throughout the weekend, and please feel free to send agape to the caterpillars if you feel led to do so!

Girls' Flight #69

Jessica Skinner - Lay Director
Tim Benjamin - Spiritual Director
Lori James - Board Rep
Chelsea Frederick - Music
Kaitlin Underwood - AMD/Tech
Jessica James - ALD
Ashley Tuco - ALD
Ann Jenkins - ALD
Sarah Cogan - LOG
Amanda Taylor - LOG
Allie Skidmore - LOG
Kate Burden - LOG
Addie Skidmore - LOG
Kelli Elliott - ATL
Jill Burden - ATL
Jamie Baumer - ATL
Amanda Seas - ATL
Kya Skinner - YTL
Maddie Campbell - YTL
Michala Hall - YTL
Lauren Stephens - YTL
Anna Davidson - YTL
Madison Salyer - YTL

Boys' Flight #69

Brad Bovey - Lay Director
Doug Bovey - Spiritual Director
Rob Blosser - Spiritual Director
 David James - ALD
David Young - ALD
Jeremy Ryan - ALD
Bob Francis - LOG
 Brad Baker - LOG
Brandon Hemsworth - LOG
Chris Tuco - Board Rep
David Johnson - Music
Brian Ward - ATL
Tony James - ATL
Shawn McCollister - ATL
Ken Hemsworth - ATL
 Seth Goodwin - YTL
Daniel Burd - YTL
Luke Cantrell - YTL
Isaiah Pleiman - YTL